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Meet Jennifer

A Commitment to Excellence

Jennifer (Alber) Blakely, of Freeport, Illinois, has announced her Republican candidacy for the Office of Stephenson County Clerk.  Jennifer attended Dakota High School and has been a resident of Stephenson County for the past 39 years.  Stephenson County is the place where Jennifer, her husband (Matt Blakely) and their 5 children call home.  
Jennifer (Alber) Blakely is a strong advocate for agriculture and local businesses.  Jennifer was born and raised on a dairy farm and she continues to show her love for cattle on her small family farm.  She also is a proud owner of a local embroidery business.  Her responsibilities as a business owner are maintaining positive customer relationships, producing apparel for local businesses, maintaining up to date records and expanding her embroidery business to meet the needs of local Stephenson County businesses.  In addition to being a cattle farmer and a small business owner, Jennifer is actively involved with her children's academics, athletics and work ethic.  
Jennifer has a robust desire to support, preserve, and work for our local communities in Stephenson County.  As County Clerk, Jennifer will continue the exceptional relationship with current and future Stephenson County Board Members, seek out efficiencies to best utilize county funds, develop and maintain current protocols to ensure voter integrity is safeguarded throughout the election process.
Jennifer is proudly endorsed by the Alber Family and the Blakely Family.  The support that has been received from both the public and private sectors is overwhelmingly abundant.  Jennifer is very appreciative for the momentous support she has received and very grateful for the opportunity to run for the Republican Candidacy for the Office of Stephenson County Clerk.  The Republican primary election for Stephenson County Clerk is June 28, 2022.

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