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After the election process is complete, it is time to audit the votes casted in Stephenson County. It is important to inform our registered voters that audits take place to ensure that there was Election Integrity during the election.  The audit checks to see if the voting systems are being operated correctly and to ensure officials have complied with regulations and policies.  I think it was great that Vicki Otte upgraded ALL our Voting Tabulation Machines in 2020 to ensure that Stephenson County met all requirements to protect our data for future elections.  When auditing votes, the state mandates that officials randomly sample 5% of the precincts in their jurisdiction. That means only two precincts in Stephenson County have their votes audited. As of the 2021 April Election, Stephenson County had 33,392 registered voters.  If every registered voter voted in an election, only 1,670 votes would be audited.  That number will be even less because Stephenson County can only audit 2 precincts.  In my honest opinion, 5% is not enough.  I would like to see the percentage increased to at least 10%. (NOTE 10% is 3,339; 15% is 5,009).

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